Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend reminders

A busy weekend leaves me with many thoughts and pictures, but little time before my eyelids become very heavy.  So, here are a few brief thoughts that are on the top of my mind.

 The beauty of the Lord renews my strength!  
He knows what my weary heart needs and a weekend Easter retreat to Falls Creek
was a refreshing time to be reminded that 
Jesus doesn't want to be a number on my list...
He wants to BE THE LIST!

 When your Father is the King of Kings, you will always be a TRUE PRINCESS!
 Coloring Easter eggs is more fun with big brothers and sisters and the reason we celebrate is
"because He didn't stay in the cave"
from the words of a pretty smart little 6 year old.
 There is nothing better than a sister to laugh with
 and look up to,

or a bunch of cousins to play with.
When you are this cute it must be ok to put all of your eggs in one basket. 
But the most important reminder of all came on our way home tonight as the 
rays of the setting sun reminded us that