Friday, January 27, 2012

And now these three remain: 
faith, hope and love

A few weeks have passed, but at least I'm still posting pictures in the same month!  
Thanks to our wonderful family, we were able to share our 25th wedding anniversary with many friends and relatives.  What a joy to share special memories with 
precious people who have seen us through the good times and the struggles.
I never want to take one moment for granted for the gift God gave me in an amazing Godly man with whom I get to share life's ups and downs.  

Many years ago, our pastor,  Bro. Greene was there when I was born, 
he baptized both of us 
and all three of our boys, and now,  many years later we 
had the privilege of having Bro. Greene renew our wedding vows.
It's those vows and that commitment that have kept our love
alive when the struggles of this world would have told us to quit.
Thanks to my sweet friend, Rebecca, for the beautiful cake, 

my mom for her creative decorations, and the rest
of my family for transforming our new garage into a 
wonderful place to celebrate. 
Also, thanks to my cousins, at Zinnia Photography, for 
 capturing our day in photos we will treasure for many
years to come

But the greatest of these is 
1 Cor. 13

Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Forever in our hearts

It is a genuine treasure when someone impacts  your life in such a way that you know will never be forgotten.  I've heard it said that often times people come into our lives for a reason or for a season.  We had one such person come into our lives for a very short season and it is a story that needs to be heard and remembered.  

I hope and pray you will read this story and then cherish each person in your life and realize they may only be there for a season.

This story began August 11, 2010 and came to a temporary end last week.  Temporary, because it will be continued when we all see Jesus face to face; a time I look forward to with great anticipation!

After Lia's heart surgery last year at our wonderful children's hospital we were supposed to have a translator come in since she had only been home for two months and was speaking little English.  When the translator didn't show up, we asked if there was someone to translate for her so she could understand what all was going on.  The hospital said there was a doctor on staff who spoke Mandarin who might be able to visit.  Later that day, a new face came into our room and began speaking to Lia in the most gentle voice ever.  He introduced himself as Dr. Benjamin Siu and said he was a pediatric cardiologist who was in the operating room during her heart surgery.  See, he didn't just care about our baby's heart, he also truly helped hold her heart.  After a caring conversation with Lia and time spent with David and I, Dr. Siu reached behind our backs and gently closed the door.  He then began to pray THE MOST amazing prayer I have ever heard in my life.  He didn't just pray a wordy prayer, but a prayer straight from the heart asking God for healing and to bless our baby girl's life.  He prayed that she would grow up and make an impact on others and share the love of the Lord with people in her birth county.  He prayed for her mental, physical and spiritual well being and brought many tears to my eyes.  If I never saw him again, that one moment would have made an impact I would never forget.

Two weeks later as we prepared to leave the hospital we had to tell which cardiologist we would follow up with.  We had already seen another wonderful doctor and didn't want to hurt her feelings by not continuing care with her.  We were told though that they were all in the same group and it would be no problem to change.  So, as God led us, we continued our follow up care with Dr. Siu.  Each visit was the same with him first speaking in Mandarin to Lia and lovingly reassuring her of what was happening.  Then he took as much time as needed to speak with us and explain anything we didn't understand.  Each visit ended the same with his arms around us and hand upon Lia and praying a prayer from the depth of his heart.  I asked Lia what the last thing was she remember about Dr. Siu and she remembered him handing her a cookie as we left his office in June and reminding her to also share a cookie with her mommy.  See that is the kind of man he was.  Always thinking of the needs of others.  He told us to come back next year and we expected to see him again in June. 

God however chose to take him home through a very tragic accident and we now pray for his family left behind.  Please keep them in your prayers and PLEASE watch this video to see what a wonderful man we had the privilege of knowing for a short time.  (Since it was on the local news I guess I can not upload it to my blog.)

Dr. Siu, we thank you for teaching us what a true follower of Christ 
looks like and for giving our daughter someone to look up to!
You were a servant of God whom we will never forget. 

Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
Matthew 7:20