Monday, October 25, 2010

Use your imagination

I have so many things I would like to post, but time just doesn't allow.  I'm only sitting down right now because I have two girls attempting to make me beautiful.  I have tried countless times to take a picture, but they are NOT worth posting - Trust me on this one!  Both of my sweet girls are standing behind me arguing over which one is making my hair look the best.  From what I can see, I have pieces of hair sticking out in many different directions and I'm praying a good shampoo job will put it back in place before morning!

So, until I have time for something more profound, please enjoy pictures of our crazy weekend of birthday celebrations.  I'm still trying to catch up on sleep after a slumber party with 12 10/11 year old girls on Friday night. I have lots of fun pictures, but try to be careful not to post photos of other kiddos without parent's permission, so you will just have to visualize this one also.  Total craziness is all I can say!   On Sunday, we celebrated Tia's birthday and Mimi's birthday together and although it was a bit more calm, getting this family together always calls for a bit of craziness.


Sweet girl, your smile will light up a room and has been lighting up our family for 11 years now.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with her sweetness!

Bobbing for apples was everyone's favorite.
Lia was  SO happy to see her big brother come home from college!
Is there anything better than a Daddy preparing 
smores for the Princesses in his life?
 Missing one of my big boys, but I have to take a photo when I can.  
Pictures are few and far 
between with my boys these days.
 Tia "11" and Mimi is ?
Lia loves to have her Aunt Sherri read to her.

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