Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Daddy says no more adoptions...

 but Daddy knows there are so many orphans and we are called to be HIS hands and feet, then he said we could do the next best thing and sponsor a precious baby girl.
 Oh, how I wish I could reach out and touch this sweet baby and wrap her in my arms and show her the love of a family.  Unfortunately, that won't be happening because she is in an orphanage in a far away land. Born in May to a mother that either could not or would not be able to raise her, she was left abandoned.  Fortunately, through an amazing organization called 
we have the opportunity to make a difference in her life.   Since we were the first family to sponsor her through LWB we were allowed to give her the US name that she will be referred to until she is hopefully adopted.  We will also be sent updates on her once a month along with photos to see how she is doing.  It is our hope that by sponsoring her she will know the love of a foster family instead of being one of MANY in an orphanage.
Why would we choose to do this when there are SO many? 
We may not be able to make a difference to many, but to this ONE it is our HOPE that we will make a difference.
Just in case you are interested, Hope still needs two more sponsors and there are MANY 
others who also need sponsors to either live in a foster home or for surgeries. 
 But God will never forget the needy;
   the hope of the afflicted will never perish. 
Psalm 9:18

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Jeff and Sarah said...

How precious! I wish we could adopt her!