Monday, August 11, 2014


Change is often a thing we struggle with and
transitions are often TOUGH!
Apparently, though, it is through the change and transitions in life that
we often grow the most in our walk with the LORD and
in our relationships with others.

It seems I have had to learn this lesson over and over again,
and yet, it never seems to get easier.
I don't do well with "good-bye"
or "see-you-later" as my friends and family can attest!
(I have friends who still tease me that I cried when we said
good bye to the waiter on our cruise!)

The most difficult times, though,  are when I've said good-bye
to a loved one or dear friend, even though
I know I will see them again someday in heaven.

Other times have been when my kids have left, especially for long periods of time.
In 2005, shortly after graduation, my oldest son, Justin joined the
United States Marine Corps. and I remember that good-bye and
how difficult it was. That good bye was only
preparing me for the one later where he would be deployed for a year.
I shed many tears during that time, even though I knew he was doing what he wanted to do
and was in the place God had planned for him during those years.
I can't begin to imagine the pain families go through whose
sons and daughters don't come home!
My heart and prayers often go out to you!
"Thank you" would never be enough for the sacrifices these families make!

Now, a few years later, Justin has gone to work for the US Forest Service and is working
in California fighting wildfires. He says the work is harder than when
he was in the USMC and the days are long and exhausting.
What a relief it was to talk to him last night if only for a little while.
The fires are all around them and they are out in the field for days without a shower.
They are eating MRE's and bathing in the cold river.
It is difficult for him to be away from home for so long, especially when his girlfriend is here!
I pray though that during this time away he is able to seek the Lord and His face and
grow during this transition.
He took the picture below, so I'm not sure who the young man is, but the scenery is amazing.

Just like it says in Deuteronomy 5:4 this is also my prayer for him during this time away. 

"The LORD spoke to you face to face out of the fire on the mountain."



Anonymous said...

Praying for your precious son. Thank him for being a hero and serving our country and for being a hero again for helping to fight wildfires here in the USA

God bless your family.


Suzette Jones said...

Thank you, Erika! I am so proud of how hard he works and all he does to protect those around him far and wide! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!