Thursday, July 30, 2015

These hands

I am constantly reminded of these words to the song, I'll Keep On,
 as my precious Nannie nears the end of her life here with us. 

"I'll Keep On"
(feat. Jeremiah Carlson)

Oh these hands are tired
Oh this heart is tired
Oh this soul is tired
But I'll keep on
I'll keep on 
I'll keep on 

These hands
are the same hands that once held me as a baby,
and washed my hair with one hand
while handing me an Oreo with the other.

They taught me how to pick strawberries and how to serve others.

Lately, these hands have held mine as I've watched her grow 
more and more frail. 
  These sweet hands have held the hands of girlfriends, 
and children
and grandchildren

 and great-grandchildren

 and a great-great grand baby
and through it all they have shown LOVE and generosity to 
people all over the world 
and to family who will always cherish her memory. 

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