Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day

If you haven't ever seen a Marine Corp graduation it is an incredible sight, and one that had this momma in tears!

I don't know why I like this picture, but it is just a reminder to me that as we were walking away, we made it through that difficult 13 weeks and all walked away as a stronger family.
Son, you've made us proud and I know you are going to be mad that I posted this picture, but I'm proud to show you off to the world(or at least my bloggy buddies.)

So today, on this day of remembrance, I have spent time reflecting over God's mighty hand upon our family. It has been almost four years since my oldest Justin joined the US Marine Corp. I don't think I ever truly appreciated what sacrifice means until I watched his graduation from boot camp. The blood, sweat, and tears he went through during those 13 long weeks transformed him into a person that I can be so proud of today. We've learned alot in the last four years, but I think the greatest lesson has been a new appreciation for the sacrifice of the men and women that willingly give of their lives to protect our freedom. As I've seen the images of Arlington cemetery and the Vietnam Wall and and the special remembrances today on television I realize that each memorial represents someone's son or daughter, and I know there are many moms and dads out there that have endured great heartache.

This is a poem I wrote as I proudly became a Marine Corp Mom almost four years ago.

Who Am I?
(Dedicated with love to my son and my new Marine family)

A U.S. Marine Corps Mom that’s who I am
Into this military life I’ve just now began.

I’m seeing life now in a whole new light
My son’s now learning and training to fight.

My vocabulary’s changin’; abbreviation’s galore
A cover on a jarhead, MRE for chow and so much more.

High-and-tights a far cry from the long hair scene
But he’s “good to go”- he’s a U.S. Marine.

Those young men and women far “over there”
They’re our little boys and girls of yesteryear.

And that flag up there flying all tattered and torn
Flies for my freedom and yours and babies unborn.

That neck of my boy I wanted to wring as a child
It’s the same one now that makes me go wild.

With three little boys a sandbox was always a welcome sight
But today’s new “Sandbox” brings heartache and fright.

How will I make it through today and tomorrow?
With my friends, family, faith (and that tissue I’ll borrow).

My day’s must go on I’ve other children to raise,
For now just a letter or phone call I’ll gladly sing praise.

Nothing is certain, who knows what tomorrow will hold
Thank God for those standing; they’re proud and they’re bold.

War’s not pretty, our families know the cost
Tears sting our eyes when any soldiers lost!

So freedom’s not free, it never has been
If we want it, we must fight & be willing to win.

While those in uniform with respect willingly serve
Families wait for news hanging on every last nerve.

America’s my home for which I stand proud
I serve my God in heaven & can shout it aloud.

So to my new family with Thanks I hold dear
Daily living on faith & struggling not to fear.

And with each farewell I refuse to say “goodbye”
I’d rather say “I Love You” and until next time…


Suzette Jones
February 21, 2006

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Tiffany said...

your poem made me cry, made me think in a different way.. a good way!