Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm not that cruel....yet!

Oh those payback photos! For now just a post, but if my boys misbehave too much I have pictures from today and they AREN'T pretty! They each had all four wisdom teeth out this morning and it has been a pretty quiet day since then. We got up and dropped little sister off at a friend's house nice and early then drove 3o miles to the oral surgeon's office. After leaving Dad and Nathan at the oral surgeon, Brandon and I headed to the post office to get his passport renewed. This was the second trip since I didn't know I had to have his birth certificate last week. Well we got in and had all the paperwork finished only to realize that I had forgotten his old passport! Fortunately, it was a different lady waiting on us this week. So we left, I dropped Brandon at the dental office and I drove back home another 30 miles. I ran in the door, drove back to the post office and quickly completed the process to renew his passport just to get to the dental office before son #2 finished having his wisdom teeth out. They both finished surgery and we were on our way BACK home again for the second time before 11 am. The boys rested all day, but mom and dad certainly did not. I'll give you the details later. Just know that God has been busy today with our adoption process. Stop back by for more details to follow. I can't wait to share, but we must spend some more time seeking HIM before I tell the world. Your prayers are appreciated. We serve a mighty God and delight in watching Him work out the details!!


Judi said...

Hi! I saw your introduction on the AWAA yahoo group and wanted to stop by your blog! We are a waiting family with a LID of 11-22-06, so we have some time still in this waiting phase! We have four children by birth, all in their twenties. One is married and one is getting married this fall. Our youngest has Down Syndrome, so we don't have an empty nest. She is so excited to become a big sister. I also saw in one of your posts that you are a teacher. I teach first grade so I am enjoying summer break as well!

The Spicer Family said...

FYI: we are going to a Chinese Culture Camp in Tulsa in might want to keep that on your radar for next year?? Dillon puts it on and we just love it!

Waiting anxiously to hear your news....Jill

Jean said...

I am so excited to hear more about your good news!!

It's good you didn't post those pics- I'm sure they weren't looking their best after oral surgery. I have had 2 breeze through it and one really milked it for all it was worth!

Sorry you had to run back home for that passport- sounds like something that would happen to me!