Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miracle of birth

Today I hosted a baby shower for a friend and what a joy to experience God's miracle of life and the excitement waiting for birth. I even got to feel his precious little feet kicking away and see a 3D sonogram picture (Look carefully and you can see it in the picture above). Wow, those have improved in the past few years! It was unbelievable to see how clear the picture was and he isn't even due for two more months! How anyone can doubt God's hand in creation blows my mind! Childbirth is such an incredible miracle! Jessie, you are a beautiful mommy and your new one will be blessed with a wonderful family to love him!

Didn't I just say that childbirth is a miracle? Is it any less of a miracle when that baby doesn't have a family to love and nurture them? No, that life is no less a miracle, yet that child may not have anyone to hold them when they cry, kiss their knee, or say a goodnight pray. My heart breaks for these babies, young children and older children that will never have a forever family.

I had the privilege of sharing our little girl's picture with friends today as I long to hold her in my arms. As I looked at these new, young mommies today I once again thought, "Am I too old?" But quickly remembered my gently reminder that it will be much better for a child to have an older parent than NO parent! It will be better for my child to not "look" like me than to not have a home and it will be better for my girls to be raised to love the Lord Jesus than to possibly never know Him.

So, if you ever question whether adoption is for you, please pray and realize that just like the starfish, you may not change the world for all the orphans of the world, but you may change the world for one child.

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cjevans said...

We can't wait to meet your miracle!