Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who's Your VIP?

Our message this morning at church was on those Very Important People in our lives. Jesus had those people in life as well, with friends like Mary, Martha and Lazarus. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on all of those people that have been so important in my life. People like Sunday School teachers, school teachers, friends, and also those we most often forget to mention, like our family. God has blessed me with many special people over the years that I will always treasure as a VIP. Some of those have come into my life for a long time and some just for a season, but they will always be those special people that I won't forget. So I would love to hear from you, who are those VIP's in your life and why?
Just a few of my VIP's called family! If I ever forget to tell you, I love you with all my heart! A special VIP called a sister, that allows me to act goofy right along with her!
One of the greatest VIP's, that has made my life a joy for the past 22 years! A special VIP, following God's lead as a missionary in Mexico - I miss you girl!

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Woman with Hope said...

Oh My Suzette. I am so overwhelmed by the blessings of VIP's. I miss them all sooooooo much.I miss you sooooooo much. Yet because of my best VIP I must live for him and cherish the memories and life that I had with all the other VIP's. I do love you my sister and there is not a day that goes without you and yours on my mind. Thank you for everytrhing. Keep writing for it blesses my heart and fills the longing for a flesh to flesh encounter.