Thursday, January 28, 2010

His ways are not our ways

This is the mess that we have had to look at for a little over a month now! Did I complain, when they began hauling all of this mess right behind my house? Unfortunately yes! Oh, but even through the messes of our lives our God is so faithful! I just love how He provides more than we ever think possible and at just the perfect moment in our lives.

Here's the story:
Back in October we were notified by the local energy company that they would be drilling an gas well behind our house. Great, you say, that means $$$$!
NO, it doesn't when you don't own the mineral rights! So, we were told that we wouldn't be getting anything for this headache, but a nice pretty sound barrier wall. So the week before Christmas the well went up almost exactly 300 feet from our backdoor, complete with lots of traffic and many strangers too close to home.

Well, this Tuesday afternoon, the same guy from the energy company called and left a message on our phone. I jokingly told David, "Call him back, I'm sure he wants to give us lots of money!" So David called him back and he kindly told us that they needed to run a hose through our culvert to fill the pond that goes along with the drilling rig. The best part about it is the fact that we just recently put in another driveway along with another culvert, so they would need to run the hose through not one, but two of our culverts. And this is the hose that they are running through our culverts, and for this inconvenience, we will be reimbursed exactly $2,000.00! That amount of money isn't huge by any means, especially when whoever owns those mineral rights will be getting a huge chunk of change, I'm sure. That hose though, is God's incredible provision for our adoption at exactly the moment when He knew we would need it. Guess what? I just wrote a check this week for our final agency payment and guess how much that check was? You guessed it, $2,000.00.
Coincidence you say, NO WAY! That is God's mighty hand providing for our needs when we take that step of faith that He says to take.

What makes this story even more incredible was the fact that Tuesday morning during my quiet time with the Lord He spoke these words to me and I highlighted them in my bible. I had no idea at the time how He would make those words come to life that day!

11 "Who among the gods is like you, O LORD ?

Who is like you—
majestic in holiness,
awesome in glory,
working wonders?

(Exodus 15:11)


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh praising HIM with you Suzanne, mighty are His works!!! Amazing are His ways!!

Wow Lord!! The exact amount Suzanne had just paid out, YOU paid back! You are indeed in the business of working wonders! Thank you Father!!

Suzanne, what makes it even better are the words that you wrote (and blogged) just 15 days ago, when you introduced Lia Faith . . .

"Wow! I praise my God, and Father that He loves the details of life. I am tired just thinking of all that this will require. Oh, and just in case I failed to mention it, it will also cost a bit more cash than we have at this time. But, just in case I failed to mention it...

My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and I know that He will provide the funds we need at

Just the right time,


When He calls us to it He WILL see us through it!"

To that I say, AMEN sister!!

Love you!


Jean said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this story- I love reading about God at work! He is incredible!!