Saturday, January 23, 2010

That was then...this is now

January 10, 1987
January 10, 2010

and another pictures, just because it really is a a better picture.

This weekend we had the opportunity to get away with 30 other couples from our church for a couples retreat. As working, busy parents of almost five kids, it was so nice just to get away and focus our thoughts on one another. Our anniversary really was two weeks ago so what better way to celebrate than to have the chance to remember why we married
each other in the first place.
As we drove to the hotel we had to take a wedding picture to display, so we spent the drive flipping through our album and remembering people that we loved that are no longer with us. It makes the thought of heaven even sweeter to know the
many faces we will see when we get there.

So what do I love about this man I have spent the past 23 years with?
Here are just a few things:

He LOVES me despite all of my shortcomings(and there are many)!

He LOVES our children and does whatever it takes to spend time with them.

He LOVES Mexican food(enough said there)!

He LOVES His Lord and Saviour and seeks to follow Him each and everyday!

Now what's not to love about that?

A statistic we heard this weekend:
99% of couples that pray together, stay together.

So, are you praying together? If not,
Sounds like pretty good odds to me!

Thank you, David, for being a wonderful Man of God,
I Love you more today than I did 23 years ago!

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Jill said...

Glad you had such an awesome weekend with your hubby! He sounds like a great guy!
Love the pics! The two of you are adorable together! Here's to many more happy years!!