Sunday, November 14, 2010

A birthday to remember

After having our post placement visit for our adoption and then "China school" we came 
home to a great time of family, friends, and birthday celebrations.  

You see, every since Lia came home, she has wanted to have a birthday party and be a Princess.  Tia had a birthday celebration a few weeks ago and Lia wanted to know when her birthday was.  She has never really had a birthday, more than just the cake and stuffed animal that we sent her last year.  I explained that my birthday was next, but I couldn't imagine her having to watch one more birthday celebration that wasn't for her.  So, considering the fact that I REALLY didn't want to draw too much attention to my birthday, and that is all she has dreamed of, I decided that we would just party together and that is just what we did! 

We had a Princess cake and cupcakes with plenty to spare!

There were 5 candles for her to blow out
and I didn't have to get out the fire extinquisher for all of mine!

We  had balloons in her favorite colors-
and lots of little Princesses to share our party

and a special gift that Daddy picked out just for his little Princess
which is of course where we spent the afternoon today;
riding the jeep in the beautiful fall leaves

While putting her to bed last night David asked her if she liked her jeep.  
She said yes, and asked,  "Why you bought it for me?"  In all his daddy wisdom
he told her we wanted her to have it for her special birthday.  
She said, "Why? Because I'm being good?" 
No, it's just because we love you and 
there are no conditions attached.  
Kinda a hard concept for a little girl.

Reminds me of the Love my Heavenly Father has for us.  
We may not be good, and I know I am NOT deserving, but He
LOVES me anyway and pours out His gifts to me.
Most of those gifts look like this:

  While we had Tia's friend over to visit I let her snap a few
family photos with all seven of us in the beautiful fall leaves 
while I actually had everyone at home. 
It may not be professional, but she is only 10 and I think she 
did a pretty good job.

So that, my friends, is hopefully a birthday celebration she will remember, 
and times that I will always cherish.

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Jean said...

Our daughters missed their birthday, too. We have thought about having a half birthday celebration for them. This is a great idea!

Our party will be smaller but we can still celebrate our little treasures!

Lia is beautiful! So thankful she is home and doing well!