Monday, April 11, 2011

Bruises, bloodwork and bravery

About a week ago we noticed a bruise on Lia's tummy, and then her shoulder and then her back.  These weren't just any bruises, but large dark ones that looked like they really hurt.  She had been to the park to play but never seemed to get hurt that anyone was aware of.  She didn't complain and seemed to be as happy as ever.  Not being one to rush to the dr. at the sight of a bruise, I just watched them but didn't do anything about it.  Finally, today I took her to the dr. to have bloodwork done just to make sure it wasn't anything of concern.  She is certainly one brave little girl!  I do NOT like needles and the sight of them causes me to get a little woozy, but she just plops that little arm out and watches as they take her blood and never flinches.  You should have seen the excitement on her face when she got not ONE, but FOUR Hannah Montana sticker's!  You would have thought someone gave her a million dollars!  After bloodwork we went to the dr. and got the results of her platelet counts and clotting and whatever else they tested.  Everything looked great and she is a healthy little bundle of energy.  So, tonight we are rejoicing in HIS complete healing yet again!
Two weeks ago when she got her ears pierced.


China Dreams said...

So glad it was nothing. Guess she's just a tough little cookie all the way around :-)


Tammy said...

Praise God HE is so good!! I'm so glad to hear this good report!