Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching up

The past month has been incredibly busy and we have experienced so many emotions from the mountaintop to the valley.  I wanted to add a few pictures and recap a little of what has been going on, even though I have little time to go into many details. 

David was selected as the newest deacon to serve our body of believers.  We are so humbled that he was chosen and look forward to serving in the years ahead.  The night of his ordination was THE MOST amazing service and God was definitely among us. From the laying on of hands, to the words of wisdom spoken by so many, to the fact that almost all of our family was there with us, we will remember this night that was ordained by God forever.  The best piece of advice we were given was, 

Guard your heart!
Be DESPERATE for Jesus! 

Those are words we needed to hear as just the next week we got word that my father would be going home to see Jesus soon.  My sister and I boarded a plane for Tennessee and were able to speak with him before he closed his eyes to this world and opened them to his perfect world.  The following pictures were taken from his beautiful home.  I had some of the most glorious meetings with my heavenly Father sitting looking at this amazing view.  And what a beautiful sight it was to see my hubby and kiddos arrive in time to accompany us to the funeral.  
Sweet sisters
We arrived home in time to celebrate her first Easter and what a joy it was to hear why we celebrate from the mouth of this precious child of God.  In her own words, 

Our first experience coloring eggs

 Missing my middle son so as much as I love this picture it's just not complete
Cousins-Can it get any cuter?
These are many of the specials ladies in my life.  What a joy to 
celebrate our Risen Savior with them on Easter.


connie said...

Suzette, I love all the pix! And yes, we took the same picture of the cross at Falls Creek!!! I love the ampitheatre and wish we could just use it for worship. We are set to go in late June, but I'm not sure I'll get to go this year with 2 new babies...and jet lag :( :(

China Dreams said...

Congratulations on the new honor. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad that you were able to see your father before he moved on and understand that when you have faith, it is just a temporary parting. My mother moved on a couple of weeks ago. When life is long, and full, there is no injustice when death comes; it is just time for life to begin again in a better place.


Suzette said...

Ruby, thank you for the kind words. What a beautiful way to look at death. What a comfort to have God's promises!