Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The details so far...

Here's what we know after two days of Nathan seeing doctors:

1. Doctors are amazed at how well he is doing after such a horrific accident.

2. He will have surgeryThursday morning to repair the broken bones in his face which include (in mom talk, not Dr. terms): the bones around his right eye, above his mouth and all of his cheek bones. He will be off of work for potentially 6 weeks and be on a liquid diet for a good bit of that time.

3. The dr. can not tell us exactly how he will do all of the repairs until he has fully viewed the CT scan, but will try to leave as few scars as possible.

4. He saw an ophthalmologist today and they were very surprised that his vision is 20/20, although he is not moving his eye the way he needs to.

5. Yesterday, was disappointing to learn that the nerves around his mouth were severed and this has caused paralysis around his mouth.  We will pray that the nerves regenerate and all of the feeling returns in time.

5.  Nathan has a huge support group, a very supportive wife and family and a MIRACLE WORKING GOD on his side.  With that going for him we will believe in miracles!

"For all that you've done and all that you're going to do, 

Jesus we THANK YOU!"



sharon sue said...

Faith is what we live by and all we can be sure of...faith in God and faith that He is able above all to repair what is broken and faith that we know He is our great physician and our lives are in His hands...I am sure of only one thing...I have faith in our Heavenly Father. He can provide the healing that Nathan needs and will put the best Dr. in place for this surgery....love yall

Ang Tidwell said...

Praying for Nathan, and all the family!!

gg said...

Prayers for your sweet boy and all the family.
Blessings ,
Glenda Goodwin