Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A selfless sacrifice

Warning: You might need a tissue if you choose to read this article...

I have been so busy this week I haven't had much time for blogging. For some reason tonight, I decided to look online at our local newspaper, The Wise County Messenger, and the story that caught my eye left me with such emotion I can hardly type these words. Almost 18 years ago, I experienced a sickness that nearly took my life. For some reason, God chose to keep me here and I know He has much for me to do. I plan to do all I can to fulfill His purposes until the day He takes me home. The disease I had was called HELLP syndrome and I will have to give the details of that time in my life on another post. The woman in this article had that same disease and will be going home soon to see our heavenly father. This is an incredible article about her selfless devotion to her son before she leaves this earth. Please take the time to read about her sacrifice by clicking on the above link, and pray for her as you do, but bring along a tissue. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to raise my baby boy and watch him grow into such an incredible young man.

Brandon and Patches admiring each other's new hairdo today. Aren't they handsome!


Sandrabag said...

That story has been on my heart since I read it. I have been praying for her since then. Just thinking about it breaks my heart. That said - What a blessing that he has three loving parents and is surrounded by a loving family.

I can't imagine.

Beth said...

Suzette-my sweet sister in Christ- I did not know this about you. That same story touched my heart but I can only imagine if you have experienced something so close but with such a different outcome. Praise and glory to Him and for His love you are extending to others.