Monday, March 16, 2009

Small gifts...Big meaning

Today I am so thankful for a little time to catch up and regroup. I had so many things that just needed tending to and one was a little r and r for this tired mom. Spring Break is here and I am so thankful for the sunshine and cool weather. In the past couple of days I have been blessed with a long walk with my husband and best friend, a wonderful dinner and conversation with my sister and her family and some extra time to just spend in God's word. I have also been so blessed by the generosity and passionate heart of a few dear friends. The following pictures are a couple of gifts I have received from ladies that have a heart for the orphans and needy of the world. A few weeks ago our friends at Texas Stir Fry returned from China and brought us this beautiful wall hanging that that we will treasure as we cling to our Faith, Hope and Love while we wait on our little girl from China.

Click on the picture for a closer view of this beautiful artwork. The words FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE are written in both Chinese and English.

This is a gorgeous bracelet from a young lady, Emily, that just returned from Uganda and gave me this at church yesterday. She is only 16 years old and has an incredible heart for the people of Uganda. She had the opportunity to go there on a mission trip last week and I'm certain God will lead her there again as she loves witnessing to the lost people of this country.

I had never heard of this jewelry until Christmas when my sister gave me a beautiful necklace and bracelet made from recycled paper by ladies of Uganda. These are called Bangala beads and come in all colors and shapes.

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So happy to hear that you have been enjoying a time of refreshing. Your new gifts are beautiful. Good friends are true treasures!