Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope the rest of this journey goes this quickly!

Our dossier made it to China and was delivered at 9:30 am Nov. 2nd. This seems so strange since that day isn't even here yet for us. It was mailed and Friday so this part was the quickest part so far! We look forward to finding out our log-in date and will begin the count down to the long awaited RA(referral acceptance).This weekend was a wonderful time to be outside with the beautiful weather. I was a very brave mom and took Tia to the creek to hunt for treasures yesterday. Our home has been here for at least 125 years and has a interesting creek running behind it that is not your typical nasty, dirty creek, but is a spring fed one that is crystal clear. Believe me, I wouldn't have been in it, had I not been able to seen the bottom! There are lots of beautiful rocks and broken pottery and glass. (There used to be a glass factory around here somewhere.)We saw lots of beauty in God's creation and had a great time just goofing off. So much fun that she begged Daddy to take her back today. Keeping my camera dry was a challenge, but I'm glad I had it with me. I'm so glad our church had a fall fest a few nights ago, so she was quite content with staying home carving a pumpkin last night.


Jean said...

Congrats on the arrival of the dossier!! I am going to have to get used to the new initials! RA instead of LOA, Hmmmmm, okay!

Looks like a beautiful day and lots of fun!

Lori said...

Tia has THE greatest smile!! Such a cute girl!

Congratulations on your dossier arriving safe and sound! Wow, that was really fast! I sure do wish the the rest of it doesn't go that fast!

I hope you have a super-duper week!

Waitingfaithfully said...

DTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! So happy for you Suzette, and thankful for your fun time with Tia, too! Love the smiles--can't wait to see her with a sister!!



carol said...

hope this adoption goes smoothly