Saturday, October 31, 2009

Football and FedEx

Our dossier is finally on its way to China.
I love that we can track it online via Fed Ex tracking system.
So, this morning of course, I tracked it again.
It is interesting to see where all it goes before the final destination.
It has gone from Virginia and is now in Alaska.
Can't wait til I get that Log in Date to know it is really moving along!
We prayed all along that our trip to China would come after Brandon's final season of football, but little did we know that it wouldn't come until some time next year.
We know that God has the perfect date in mind and we will TRY to be patient until that time.

Last night we had a great football game and experienced our next win of the season for our final away game of the regular season. There was lots of excitement and cheers as the final seconds of the clock ticked down. Brandon made an awesome catch near the end zone and allowed the ball to be carried for a touchdown shortly before we won 31-24.(This picture is not from last night, but one of my favorite action shots of my remarkable #21)

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Jean said...

Congratulations- you are DTC!! That is so exciting!! I am hoping we will be DTC in December! It is a grueling process but so worth it!

Love the High School football pic!