Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessed beyond words

This morning I awoke to hear the sound of birds singing and what a joy it was since I've had a ruptured ear drum and have not been hearing much the past few weeks. 
Thank you, Lord for my hearing!

Then I was able to see the sun rise; 
Thank you, Lord for eyes to see your beauty.

 Then early this morning I had this precious angel look up at me with arms wide open and say,  
"Happy Mother's Day, I Love you!"  
Thank you, Lord that You loved her so much to give her a birth mom who gave her life, a nannie to care for her for 3 years and for placing her in my life to love 

(The gift she made for me at school and was so excited to give me)

Then it was on to church where I was so blessed to have all five of my children with me; 
Thank you, Lord for the freedom to worship you without persecution with my family.

After church, we had a wonderful lunch with my mom, sisters and Nannie; Thank you, Lord for these special ladies who love you and have been a Godly example to me for so many years. 

Next, it was on to see David's parents; Thank you, Lord for wonderful in-laws who love you and their children and grandchildren. 
Thank you, MawMaw for raising a young man who is such a
Godly example to our children.
And last, but not least, 
Thank you, Lord for this family....
Thank you for three boys who bless me so much and especially today.
Thank you for our gift of adoption of two precious girls, 
a perfect earthly example of the way you have also 
adopted us and will love us FOREVER

All of my goodies from a special day

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Precious, precious pictures dear friend. So happy that you were blessed to spend time with all of your children together, today! Something that as our kiddos get older we certainly don't take for granted, do we? It looks like you had a wonderful day . . . and I did too! We are blessed!

Happy Mother's Day!