Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Words and weather

Watching the stages of new language acquisition for our little one has constantly amazed me this passed year. We've gone from absolutely NO English one year ago to carrying on non-stop conversations now. There are still times when she occasionally has to search for a word and I love watching her little mind as she tries to decide which word to use.  Tonight, on our way to big sister's program at school,  we were once again having a discussion about what was going on.  Lia asked if that man was going to be there.  We were going through the list trying to determine who she was talking about when she said, "You know, the King!" To which I said, "Oh, you mean the Principal?"  Yes, that is exactly who she meant.  So, Mr. Sorg, You are officially "The King" in our household this evening!

I had hoped to get a few good pictures of our 5th grade program tonight, but things got a little crazy with a fast approaching storm.  The program ended quickly with all of us taking shelter due to a tornado warning.  It was scary, but we are praising God for His hand of protection tonight.  There were tornadoes all around us, baseball sized hail at my sister's house and my son was saved from a near terrible accident while driving in the pouring rain and approaching tornado. Moments like these certainly make me realize just how quickly life can change and how thankful I am for God's hand of protection upon my family. We are continuing to pray for those affected by these tornadoes in areas all around us.
Taken at my sister's house tonight

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China Dreams said...

I know just what you mean about the language development, and I'm so glad that the tornado spared both you family and the family of your sister.