Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Sorting through all of my emotions after returning from our trip has been more challenging than I ever dreamed, along with the added jet lag. Did I really think I could go love on babies for a week and not be changed? Who was I kidding when I thought I was going to help the orphans on the other side of the world? Is it possible that I made half as much of an impact on them as they did on me? They rocked my world in a way I never expected and I will never be the same.

Since we are not allowed to post photos of the children, I hope my words can help you visualize just a small part of what we experienced.  Visiting places like The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Tiannamen  Square and the Terracotta Warriors were all amazing sites that I feel so privileged to have had the chance to see.  However, the more impressive sites, though,  that will leave more of an impact on me came from the faces of little children who just wanted to be loved.

 The one most difficult site will be those of a little girl toddling to me with arms open wide and a smile plastered on her face calling me Mamma. Then that same little girl standing with tears streaming down her face as I walked out the door for the last time.  I will remember her little hands caressing my face and those sweet baby lips that kissed me a million times.  I bought her this precious dress when we went shopping and loved to watch her little bottom shake as she danced around showing if off to everyone.

Then, I will remember another little girl who sat silently as she watched the other children play, so weak from her heart condition that the slightest smile took too much effort for her.  Her sweet baby lips were so dry and cracked and her little chest struggled for each breath.  I held her and cried, and begged my Lord to spare her little life until a family came for her.  She listened carefully as I softly sang, "Jesus Loves Me" and whispered in her ear how I loved her. I wonder if a family will come quickly enough for her as I pray for God to continue to hold her in the palm of His healing hand.

 Each little foot that wore these socks and shoes just longing for attention and love.
 These sweet Nannies carefully folding each cloth diaper, 4 thick, so they could
 try to keep little bottoms dry.
I will always remember this sweet Nannie who LOVED with all of heart and had the most gentle spirit with the babies.  She hugged me and told me in her very broken English, "I Love You," with tears clouding her eyes. 

I learned what it means to give until it hurts and for that I am thankful. I gave away part of my heart and tears flow a little easier now.  That, however, is nothing compared to what my Savior gave for me, when He gave His ALL! 

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