Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My birthday boy

August 7 
On this day in 1991, I gave birth to my third beautiful baby boy who has forever changed my life.  On that same day, God gave me the second chance at life after a near death experience during childbirth.  It was a very difficult journey after I suffered with HELLP syndrome and then an even longer journey as Brandon suffered with sleep apnea.  For eight months he wore a breathing monitor and there were many nights we slept with the lights on so we would be ready when he stopped breathing.  Yes, every gray hair on my head was earned through many nights of little sleep!  This story is so much longer, but for now, I want to highlight my third, and last born son,  on his birthday today.

The past two weeks have been such a remarkable time to share with Brandon as we went on this trip to China and spent almost 24/7 together as we roomed and worked alongside each other.  I often asked him as we were ready to go, "Are you ready?" to which he always answered, "I was born ready!" Then my comment would typically be, "You were NOT born ready!" Of all of my kids, he was the one born the least ready! But, praise the Lord, he grew and has become and incredible man of God who today celebrates 22 years!

Enjoying a little(big) deep dish pizza in Chicago on our long layover to Beijing
Soaking in a little art in Chicago
Always ready for a little fun!
Accomplished climbing The Great Wall with his new friends

Brandon loving on  Corrie at Morning Star

Loving on a sweet heart baby, Noah

Never have to ask him to clean his plate twice!
Happy Birthday, Son, 


Anonymous said...

What a gift from God he is! Thank you Lord for my precious nephew and my sisters second chance at life :)

Bill and Toni said...

I'm so glad to get to know you over the past few weeks!!... and to watch with you at what He can do on the other side of the world!! God is good... allllllll the time!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

He looks like he has an amazing heart! So much joy! Happy Birthday to your son !