Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brandon's wreck

Tomorrow morning is going to be here far too soon and I am exhausted, but I want to give a few details of our weekend and give God the glory for His hand of protection. Last night, Brandon was leaving the house to go eat with some friends, driving his dad's small car. That car certainly wasn't pretty after last year's hailstorm, but it was paid for and got great gas mileage for the long drive to work. David was using Brandon's truck to haul off some tree limbs. I was in the house vacuuming and David called my cell phone telling me to come outside that "he had been hit." I thought he must be referring to the dog so I was already concerned, but as I went running outside Brandon was lying on the ground and the car was smoking. He had not seen a truck pulling a trailer and pulled out into it as he was pulling out of our driveway. Both airbags deployed and the entire front end was totally destroyed. He saw smoke coming from the hood and opened the door and fell onto the ground beside the car. He was coherent but would not respond. David had already called 911 by the time I got outside and they quickly showed up with about 6 emergency vehicles. They loaded Brandon up and took him to the hospital and decided that he must have just been in shock and had the air knocked out of him. They gave him some medicine to calm him down and ended up sending us home after about an hour. He still had a headache today but seemed ok. Please pray that he feels better tomorrow or we will certainly be making to trip to the doctor.

My God is my comforter and protector!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Suzette, as a mama, that about takes the breath out of me. I can't imagine how terrifying it was for all of you. Thank you Father God for your hand of protection over Brandon.

Praying that the Lord would guard Brandon and bring complete healing--physicaly and emotionally.



Denise said...

It is amazing how awesome God is to watch over our Children. Hope is okay. Jami and Jason now own Ramono's in Decatur!