Thursday, April 30, 2009

A girl and her purse

So we were a little late to softball practice, but a girl MUST have a matching purse. Thanks, MawMaw for the new purse. Daddy wasn't impressed that we were running late in order to find the purse but didn't she look good?
Last night we just couldn't go to bed because Tia was chatting on Facebook with our friends who are missionaries in Mexico. We saw the girls about two months ago, but Tia said, "Mom, do you know how many years it has been since I have talked to them?" So we had a little later bedtime, but lots of smiles.

After a rather down week I just had to post some pictures that make me smile! In the past few weeks we have endured the car wreck, leaving us without one vehicle, the dreaded TAKS testing, some major plumbing issues and now some unexpected things we haven't included in our homestudy that will have to be taken care of. So what am I thankful for:
Brandon wasn't injured in the wreck, we still have two vehicles, I have a college degree and the ability to go to work everyday, I have indoor plumbing and God is leading us down the road to adopt His children even if the road is bumpy. Thank you Jesus for the rainbow after the rain! I'm so glad His promises never fail

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Lori said...

Well a girl's gotta have her matter how late she is running! :)

Great pic! What a beautiful smile your sweet girl has! Wow, what a blessing.