Monday, April 13, 2009

A day of celebration

After a busy day and a late night lock-in at church, my husband decided to sleep through the picture. Since it was the only one I had I just had to post it though. We had to get creative when the candles just weren't the right number. 7 +1 =8 and 5+1=6 so that is 86 isn't it?

From the youngest, one year old, to our birthday girl at 86, a bunch of girls having fun together.

Now this is a crew isn't it? What a joy it is to spend time with the family and celebrate our Risen Lord.

And to add a lot of excitement to the day, we had confetti eggs. Some of us had confetti in places we won't discuss. Thanks, Mimi, for lots of laughs.


Jean said...

Who is the pretty girl in the pink that just had her 86th birthday? How wonderful that your holiday was with many different generations- such a blessing!! I love the pics!!
Blessings from MN,

cjevans said...

Looks like yall had a great time! I saw your husband at church, and saw Tia from a distance but didn't see the rest of yall. Sorry I didn't get to say hi.

Suzette said...


The pretty girl is my grandmother. Thanks, it is such a blessing to share the holidays with all of the family. We were only missing my oldest, our Marine, stationed in CA. Blessing to you!