Monday, April 20, 2009

The car

Here is a picture of the car after Brandon's wreck and both airbags deployed. I wrote about this on yesterday's blog so I won't go into the details again, but I did want to post the pictures for you to see God's awesome hand of protection.
Have you ever smelled a car after the airbags have deployed? It stinks terribly and I hope you don't ever have to smell it up close! And we just thought the hail dents from last year's storm were ugly!
Don't you think it odd that events like these happen when we are trying hard to follow God's plan? Hm? Do you think Satan is trying to keep us from it? If so, he WILL NOT win and we are even more determined to proceed with His desire for our adoption. God wants nothing more than for us to love the orphans and Satan will try to keep us from it. When this wreck happened I was in the house vacuuming to get ready for our home study on Sunday afternoon. I didn't even hear my cell phone ring when David told me to come outside. Money is already very tight as we try to save every penny to bring our daughter home from China. With liability only we are out a vehicle for awhile, but our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and our financial burdens provide us more of an opportunity to see His hand at work. We did loose a little sleep Sat. night after our short hospital visit, but I did finish vacuuming and we completed the second visit of our home study. Our next and final visit will be this Thursday.


Denise said...

It is hard to believe our kids are not kids anymore. This brings back the images of the accident Matt had earlier this year, He was pulling onto N Tarrant and took the bad entrance from Walmart and got hit by a truck as he pulled out.It caved the drivers side of the car in and when I pulled up Jami thought she was gonna have to put me in the ambulance also with a heart attack . Thank God for watching out for both of these guys. The cars can wait but their lives are too precious.
May God Bless the wait of a new child.

Jean said...

Oh My Suzette-
I am so thankful your son is okay. It is so scary when our children are in an accident. We have had a few with our older kids and thankfully they were also just fine. It is scary when they start to drive- I find myself praying for them more often.
Keep us updated on your journey to your daughter in China!!