Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breathing a sigh of relief!

After many months of enduring the long and often frustrating paper trail, I was finally able to mail our dossier to the AWAA office today! I sent it next day mail so it should arrive in the Virginia office before noon tomorrow. Please pray with me that I remembered everything and all of this can be sent to China on Friday. I just hope I dotted all of my i's and crossed all of my t's! As I've been asked many times, "Now what?" Well, once our dossier arrives in China we will get our LID(log in date) and then we will continue to wait for our RA(referral acceptance). This generally takes many months unfortunately. However, we pray it will come quickly. I only wish it would come as fast as the lady at the post office said today when she said, "maybe you will have your little girl by Christmas." Wow, that would be nice, but in reality we are expecting sometime in the Spring. God certainly has a way of helping us learn a lesson in patience doesn't He?

And now, a few pictures of the incredible 10th birthday cake made especially with love by our dear friend, Rebecca.


Waitingfaithfully said...

Hooray for a big step on the journey accomplished! Great job Suzanne. Waiting with you to hear those three precious letters, DTC. Followed by even better letters, LID!

The cake is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.



Beth said...

WOOHOO!!!! What a long process full of detours but never road blocks. He is faithful in your adoption path. Soon DTC!!!

Beautiful talented Rebecca-what an awesome cake

Judy said...

Yea!! One step closer to sweet Lia!!! Prayerfully with yall.

Oh, what a beautiful cake. Tia looks so happy and all grown up!! What a blessing Rebecca was able to make it for her again this year.