Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy, Blessed Weekend

Last weekend was so busy, but such a blessing to share with friends and family. Starting Thursday night we drove 1.5 hours to play football, and experienced our first win of the season. It was so exciting! We decided we really don't want our boys to graduate because we know as parents we will miss the great times we spend with one another cheering our guys on.

Friday, I was so blessed to spend time with a few friends, Rebecca, Jane, Wendy, and Judy that truly love the Lord with a passion. We ate a wonderful, high calorie dinner topped off with some luscious coconut cream pie and had the blessing of sharing our hearts and prayer concerns until 2 am at the beautiful Embassy Suites. If It is true that "Laughter does a heart good like a medicine, " (and God's word IS true!) then we certainly took a huge dose of medicine!

Saturday, after a wonderful cooked to order breakfast, we drove to an amazing display of the Lord's Supper in Fort Worth, Texas. (Thanks, Mom, for telling us about this!) If you get the opportunity to see this, please do. There was an audio description that told about each disciple and each one had such a real looking face. It was simply beautiful!Finally, Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to visit with friends from high school at my 25th reunion. So despite being exhausted I had a fantastic weekend visiting with friends and socializing - one of my favorite things to do!

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