Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday little sister


Oh, how I would love to share the beautiful face behind this birthday cake!
Our precious little girl is behind this cake with a beautiful little smile celebrating her
fourth birthday.
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share her picture until we get our RA(Referral Acceptance) from China stating that we have been accepted to adopt her and become her forever family.
I am praying that this important piece of paper comes in the next few weeks, although there is no way to no for sure.
No one ever said, though, that I couldn't share her cake. It is better than I expected, thanks to Ann at Red Threads.
Out of my four children, I haven't ever had one with a birthday so close to Christmas. Her birthday was two days after Christmas so we sent this care package. When I awoke this morning I had an email with 12 pictures of her birthday party at the orphanage. I was rather uncertain about spending the extra money for a care package right now at Christmastime and also as we are trying to save for our adoption, but chose to do this anyway. I am so glad I did! It makes this seem so much more real and allows me to continue to focus on what is really important throughout the headache of this adoption paperwork- A SWEET LITTLE GIRL THAT NEEDS A FAMILY. I never dreamed it could involve such a cumbersome paper trail and without the continual reminder of why we are doing this, it would be so easy to just give up.
When I see her sweet face and precious little fingers it makes all of this so worthwhile.
As I focused on each picture today(over and over again)I zoomed in to look at every little detail. She already is such a part of our family even though she lives on the other side of the world. She is beautiful and I look with anticipation toward the day in 2010 when she will celebrate every holiday with a family that has been planning for her for so long.
The following are just a few photos of the gifts she received for Christmas
(opened, courtesy of her big sister).
Every little girl needs a great big bow. These were made courtesy of Mimi.
I think these stickers will fit nicely in the bottom of a suitcase and provide lots of entertainment.
I wonder if it will be ok to celebrate Gotcha Day, which will hopefully be in the
early Spring, since her birthday is so close to Christmas.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated on how to allow her to have a
special celebration without it becoming part of Christmas.

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sherri said...

I know I am slow on reading your blog, but REALLY must you ask how to celebrate a birthday without it becoming part of Christmas. Maybe you should ask your sister how to plan and celebrate a 1/2 year party. haha. Lia is God's gift to all of us so we will make her day (whatever day that is) special just like her. Can't wait to meet my new niece!!! Love ya sis