Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The real picture

What a joy to get an email this morning from Ann at Red Threads with a photo of the care package we are sending our daughter. It just made it seem so real, that I actually have a little girl on the other side of the world waiting on us. Her birthday is just a few days after Christmas so we sent her a care package. The photo does not include the cake that will be delivered for her and the orphanage to share. I hope to be able to share that picture when it comes, but our adoption agency does not allow us to share photos until we have that next piece of paperwork - COME ON RA! Praying it comes soon!


Jean said...

Hi Suzette- I was meaning to get back to you- I am so glad you found red threads and decided to use them! I waited because they got our 2 daughter mixed up and almost sent the package to the wrong place. But everything got straightened out- thank goodness!!

We will be sending our daughters a package soon too! Can't wait!! I love the panda!! Sending a package makes it more real!! I feel happy just seeing your package!!

What is an RA?
Merry Christmas!!

Suzette said...


I guess each agency has their own abbreviations. RA stands for our Referral Acceptance. It is the form we are waiting on to state our acceptance from China to actually adopt our little girl.

I'm not allowed to post her pictures until we get this form. Praying we have it soon.