Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost there

After an amazing evening Tuesday at Brandon's awards assembly(more on that later) we did not sleep at all. We started trying to get everything to fit into the suitcases and got so busy trying to pack and organize all of the paperwork that it was time to go before we knew it. We left the house at 5 am and drove to DFW airport where we flew for 3 hours from DFW to LAX. We then had a 3 hour layover in LAX and flew to Tokyo, Japan. We were able to fly business class so it gave us lots more room, two good meals, movies and wonderful service. The flight time was 10.5 hours. Once we arrived in Japan we tried to get a flight to Beijing, but arrived too late. It was less than an hour before check in and we were not allowed to get on that flight. We tried other airlines, but without success. Consequently, we took a bus to a local hotel, and are staying here tonight. It is 7:40 pm in Japan and 5:40 am at home as I type this and other than a short nap on the plane we haven't slept much. We are definitely ready for a shower and bed. We will go back to the airport in the morning to take the Japan Airlines flight to Beijing. I will send more info later, but for now we are going to get some sleep.


Chanda said...

Hey Suzette! Glad to hear you're almost there! I'm so excited for your family. I can't help but relive our memories with you as we left 1 year ago TODAY to fly to China and get Amelia! Our travel dates are almost exactly the same, just a year apart! Anyway, thanks for updating...hope you are able to get some sleep!

Waitingfaithfully said...


So happy to know that you are almost there! So close to your sweet Lia Faith now! May the Lord prepare her heart for her family, as she waits this last little bit.

I too am reliving memories, as we also traveled for Teddi in May. It was wonderful, and I pray that it is for your family too!

So excited to finally be following the China part of this long journey with you, and looking forward to the "Lia gets a family" journey that is about to begin!

Blessings as you make the last leg of your trip to Lia! Praying for a quick recovery from jet lag for all of you. Thanks for the update!



Beth said...

Business class!!! I am a bit jealous but glad you were able to enjoy some extra blessings after pre travel stress:) Praying for His love and peace to continue to guide you.

Jim said...

We are so thrilled for you as you are traveling to meet your little princess. You are going to be blown away by the love of the Father the moment you meet Lia. It is truly an amazing moment! We are praying for you and will continue to pray for you while you are in China. Once you have her in your arms all the waiting is forgotten. Even though we did not get to travel together we are excited to be able to follow you during your time in China.

God is so good I was praying that you would get moved to business class. Some families from our group were moved to business class and they said it was such a blessing. I will be praying for the same on your trip home.

God Bless Love the Seacott's

Jean said...

Yippee Suzette!
You are getting so close!! I am so excited for you! Doing the happy dance !!

Can't wait to follow along! This is the best part when families realize dreams really do come true and that God is so very very good!!

Soon your precious daughter will be in your arms!!

(BTW- is she from Guilin? Are you going to Nanning?) Just wondering- she looks familiar!

*Overflowing* said...

Ahhhhh, you are almost there!!!!!! Soooo excited for you guys!!!! Woohoo!!!

Jill said...

OOH OOH! Can't wait to see the next leg of your journey! More prayers for continued safe travles!