Sunday, May 9, 2010

A special day

Mother's Day is a day that can be both joyful and difficult for so many. I personally had the joy of getting to spend time this weekend with my grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, and all four of my children(minus one in China). An added plus was the fact that my wonderful husband cooked dinner for us Saturday evening. I also realized what a difficult day it was for so many. I have dear friends that have lost children and parents recently. This is a day that makes that pain even more real. I pray that the God of comfort gives each of them a peace that passes all understanding.

It is also a day when I can reflect on the absolute privilege God has given me as He has entrusted me to raise His children that another mother could not raise. I don't take this blessing lightly and realize it is only through His love and compassion that I am able to do this.

So whether today was a great day or a difficult day for you, I wish you my bloggy buddies a

Happy Mother's Day

This was also a weekend that we had the blessing of enjoying Brandon's senior prom.
Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

This first photo is Tia and daddy on the way to Camp Grady Spruce for the week. They had a blast! Then prom photos and finally a photo of my grandmother at her tea party. Sorry, Mom, I didn't post your photo, but I knew you didn't like that one!


Kim said...

Hi Suzette:

Thanks for posting a comment on our blog. We're so excited to meet you as well in two weeks. We won't be in Beijing until Sunday as we've decided to explore Shanghai a little bit before heading to Beijing. Sounds like there will be about 9 families traveling together, but most of us are going to different provinces! Are any of your children traveling with you? Our 21 year old and 5 year old daughters are traveling with us. Wow...standby. Will be praying for your journey!! God bless, Kim

Oh! I just realized that you are the friends of Beth "A"....we traveled with them back in 2006 for our first adoption!! How exciting!!!

Suzette said...

Kim, yes we are friends with Beth and she just told me this tonight. Small world isn't it? Our daughter, 10 yrs, is traveling with us and our son had planned to travel, yet it is graduation so he will not be going unless he flies to meet us later. Looking forward to meeting soon!