Friday, May 28, 2010

Japan and Beijing

This is all we actually saw of Japan and it was from our hotel room at the Hotel Marroad.
Breakfast was in the airport yesterday at Starbucks and this beautiful face of the young Chinese girl has been the typical smile we have seen everywhere. They have all been very gracious and helpful thus far.
Cars driving on the opposite side of the road than we are used to.
Outside of the hotel. I asked the guy what this said, but don't remember. Tia said it was something she learned about at school about the special day for children and a celebration. We really did bring more clothes, but when we stayed in Japan we just put back on the same "travel" clothes for the next flight. Since David works for the airlines we have a dress code that we have to follow.

We are finally in Beijing and have had a good nights sleep. I have been waking up around 4 am the past few days and am amazed that it is already light outside. The weather is nice but cloudy. We just finished skyping with Justin, Nathan, Mom and Tia and Mrs. Tamplem. Yesterday once we got to Beijing we met our guide, Sherry, and then waited at the airport for about 2 hours for two other families to get there. David has gone to buy more batteries for the camera now before we sightsee for the day. So far that is all we have forgotten to bring. I had a hard time getting internet connection last night or I would have updated this then. They are waiting on me for breakfast so to those of you back home, have a good evening! Love you all! We are off to see the world and only 48 more hours til we meet our baby girl!


Jean said...

Can't wait!!
Enjoy the Starbucks! It looks good! What a good idea to stay overnight in Tokyo! May have to consider that!

WooHoo- so excited!

tara said...

Thanks for keeping us updated..can;t wait to see pics of you and your baby girl

Judy said...

I am so excited!!! Can't wait until you are holding little Miss Lia Faith. I don't know how you are able to contain yourself. LOL

Love you Sister!!

Ps still praying like crazy