Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The countdown - ZERO days!

Sisters have the best hands to hold!
 Today is the day for which we have been counting down and we are now on ZERO days left - that is days left til she can really have fun again.  It was exactly six weeks ago today that our little Lia spent 9.5 hours in the operating room having her heart repaired through the Fontan surgery for tricuspid atresia, hypoplastic right heart syndrome.  This was her second surgery, with the first, the Glenn, done at 18 months old in China without a mommy or daddy by her side.  We are so glad we were able to love her through this surgery every step of the way.

This time the doctors had to get through quite a bit of scar tissue before even beginning her surgery.  She spent four days in PICU and nine days on the cardiac wing in recovery.  Her little heart was on the heart/lung bypass maching for 158 minutes and she lost a large amount of blood during surgery.

Today, though, only six weeks later,  she is so excited that she gets to swing and slide and ride her bike beginning tomorrow.  Everyday, for the past week we have counted down the days and today was ZERO!  YEA!  God is good and He is a miracle working God! 

Tonight, though, she really gave me a scare and I ask that you please pray that everything is ok.  I will be calling the doctor in the morning to hopefully get some answers.  This past Saturday night, Lia began crying with a terrible headache,  out of the blue while we were driving.  We got her some motrin and it went away pretty quickly.  I assumed it was just allergies since she seemed to be a little stuffy and was outside much of the day.  She has been fine since then until today.  This morning shc woke up at 4 am and just didn't feel well.  I gave her tylenol and she was fine all day.  She went to school and played all day without any problems.  Tonight, while bathing her, she began screaming with a terrible headache again.  I  called the hospital to ask if there was something that I needed to be aware of.  The nurse didn't know of anything, told me to give her motrin and to bring her in if it didn't stop within an hour.  I was prepared to head to the hospital tonight, but she fell asleep and is sleeping soundly now.  This is not anything that we were warned of and after all she has been through,  it breaks my heart to watch her holding her little head and crying in such pain.

Please join us in praying that everything is ok and she can enjoy really playing tomorrow and celebrating a wonderful recovery with many of the things she loves!

Just a few pictures I have taken the past week with my school camera, 
since my other is still out of commission.  I just love these, 
but didn't get to post them 
since I had misplaced my card reader.  
First Sunday back to Sunday School to play with her friend, Allie

In awe of the fireworks we saw on Saturday.
Mommy's sunglasses are better for this Eagle fan!

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Waitingfaithfully said...


Please know that I read your post earlier and have been praying for your sweet Lia . . . that the headaches are not anything serious (and that they would stop) and that the Lord would give wisdom to those who care for Lia (including her mama).

I love the pictures of your little Lia, and of her big sister too!

Love and blessings~