Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tissue alert

I heard the song, "Temporary Home,"  this morning on my way to work and decided to watch the video tonight.  Since tears were already fresh on my eyes from my previous conversation with Lia,  I knew it would be even more of a tear jerker.  It seems that every night as I put her to bed she reveals just a little more of herself and the thoughts that are circulating through her head.   She talks non-stop until she falls asleep trying her hardest to tell us many different stories.  Tonight we had to discuss the fact that she has a FOREVER HOME and even if she acts "bad" she will always have our home.  She informed me that "bad girls go China" and "good girls go home."    Someday we will visit her homeland again, but for now I am so glad God allowed that to be her temporary home on her journey to our family.  Our lives are so much richer since God poured out His love through our  little brown eyed girl.   It broke my heart to wonder what she has been told in her few short years and how many other little boys and girls think that they don't have a mommy or daddy just because they aren't good enough.  My confidence comes from the fact that I know this is just our TEMPORARY HOME, and if we know Him we are just passing through on our way to our Forever home.

(Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and turn off the music so you can listen to this beautiful song.)


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Kristen Kelton said...

That is a great song. It is a favorite of both my kids', and really comforts them when they think about losing their dad. No way can I watch that video myself :). I am just amazed by little Lia. To have had such a rough start, yet now be so happy and well- adjusted, is an inspiration to us adults!