Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day of School

Ready to go to school
Lia with her new Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Hinson
Today was the long awaited day!   It was finally here and Lia was ready to go to school.  She had her purple dress, new shoes, a princess backpack and best of all her big sister and daddy to take her to school.  I hated not being there for her excitement, but I got the next best thing.  She is surrounded by my dear friends who love her already and sent me messages throughout the morning.  I got a photo and a text proving how well she was doing and then when school was over David brought her to see me during my lunch so she could tell me all about it.  She got to play babies, cook(pretend), eat, color and play.  What more could a four year old ask for?  Not only did she get to experience school for the first time, she also got to experience her first football game cheering on the Eagles.  She was, however, rather disappointed when the Eagle mascot left and she didn't get to see it in time.  I have no doubt she will have many more opportunities, but not getting to see it tonight, was a little too heart breaking.  We just never know from day to day what may upset her, but we do know that she has plenty of people to love on her to help make it all better.
Having a great time with many new friends

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Linda "Mimi" Russell said...

What a little angel, looking so preety in her purple.Lots of special prayers brought her here to make our lives so happy. Keep smiling Lia!