Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How will I answer this one?

Having a little girl that asks a million in one questions can sometimes get quite interesting!  This morning I was reading her a small pop-up book about the birth of Jesus.  I explained that baby Jesus was in Mary's tummy and He came out.  Quickly, she asked in her sweet little inquisitive voice, "How he come out?"  I had to quickly decide how I was going to answer this question, because after five children, I have discovered that they often don't want as much info as we tend to give.  So, I told her that God puts babies in Mommy's tummy's and then they come out, waiting to see if more questions would follow.  That answer was enough to satisfy her curious little mind and she said, "What about Daddy's?"  I told her Daddy's don't have babies and she said,"Aww, poor Daddy's!" 

Mommy's aren't you glad He chose us to bear His children? I bet the Daddy's are too!

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