Sunday, December 19, 2010

One week from now...

One week from today it will all be over...the shopping will be done...the presents will be opened...and the food will all be gone (or at least added to our hips.) That means  that we have one week left to prepare for the biggest day of the year.  We have one week to decide how we are going to glorify THE ONE who humbled himself and came to earth to be placed in a manger for you and for me. 

Yesterday, as I entered the mall for the first time in a long time I saw so many people in a hurry to pick out just the right gift.  I wondered how many would even be giving a thought to what they will give to the Christ child this Christmas.  I had the opportunity a few days ago to share the story, "What Jesus Wants For Christmas" with our Mission Friends.  As I watched their little faces open the last box with a mirror inside and sweetly proclaim, "ME!" I was reminded that we are all He really wants.

I realize finances are tight for many of us this year, but I hope you will consider how you can give of yourself this Christmas to make it a little more blessed for someone else. The Chip-in on my blog will be available for another week to make a contribution to The Children's Welfare Institute in Zhejiang, China, the orphanage that cared for and loved our baby girl for three years until we could bring her home.  I appreciate the donations that have been given online and personally.  I can't wait to send our donation and know that many children will be blessed because of the generosity of some of you.  We received a sweet letter from the assistant director this last week asking how Lia was doing and thanking us again for giving her a forever family.  We are the ones who are blessed this year as we are able to experience the awe of Christmas through the eyes of a little girl for her first time.

I hope you will take time this week to also experience
the awe of His birth.

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