Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's a mom to do?

An evening without kids is certainly a rarity these days and one I would NOT want to experience very often.  Occasionally though, it is nice to have a little bit of time alone.  So what's a mom to do without little girls running around? First, I spent 2.5 hours catching up over 
dinner with a special friend that I do not get to visit with near enough! 
Then, I shopped for a little while before stopping by Starbucks on my way home to get a 
drink(with my gift card, thanks to Mom!) 
to enjoy on the drive home.  Once home, I got a non-weight watchers bowl 
of ice cream to enjoy in my bed while I took time to catch up on some important reading material like facebook and blogs!  Then, I finally had the chance to share some photos taken over the holidays that I haven't had a moment to share until now. 
Thanks to my sweet sister and brother-in-law our family had a wonderful evening looking at Christmas lights in  a luxury hummer limo.  We certainly had some great laughs together!
On Tuesday I took these sweet girls to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols 
and read to our friend.  
You can tell by the looks on their faces how much fun they had.
Then I had the joy of serving a meal alongside the man of my dreams and my other family and 
friends  at the Ronald McDonald House.  I hope we were able to bless the 
families there even half as much as they blessed us.
Christmas Eve was spent quickly wrapping and decorating gifts before they
were unwrapped.  I wrapped in white and let the girls decorate however they chose. 
Look at their beautiful artwork!
 The best evening of all this season was having all of my kids at home to worship our Saviour and celebrate His birth at our candle light service on Christmas Eve. 

 And before bedtime watching big brother read to his sister brought a tear to my eye
as I saw the love in both of their eyes.

Last night, we had a small family dinner to celebrate turning FIVE years old.  In order not to have a party two days after Christmas we had already had the Princess party in November. 
When we got home she used her new Princess phone to tell me "I texting my friends."
When I politely told her they could not come visit at 10 pm she used her new favorite word, "Whatevvver!" Oh, this girl has some spunk, and that is our Christmas miracle.
This season has left us with many wonderful memories that will last way
beyond the gifts that were opened. I pray, you also, were able to enjoy special moments
with those you hold dear. 

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