Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's a mom to do?

An evening without kids is certainly a rarity these days and one I would NOT want to experience very often.  Occasionally though, it is nice to have a little bit of time alone.  So what's a mom to do without little girls running around? First, I spent 2.5 hours catching up over 
dinner with a special friend that I do not get to visit with near enough! 
Then, I shopped for a little while before stopping by Starbucks on my way home to get a 
drink(with my gift card, thanks to Mom!) 
to enjoy on the drive home.  Once home, I got a non-weight watchers bowl 
of ice cream to enjoy in my bed while I took time to catch up on some important reading material like facebook and blogs!  Then, I finally had the chance to share some photos taken over the holidays that I haven't had a moment to share until now. 
Thanks to my sweet sister and brother-in-law our family had a wonderful evening looking at Christmas lights in  a luxury hummer limo.  We certainly had some great laughs together!
On Tuesday I took these sweet girls to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols 
and read to our friend.  
You can tell by the looks on their faces how much fun they had.
Then I had the joy of serving a meal alongside the man of my dreams and my other family and 
friends  at the Ronald McDonald House.  I hope we were able to bless the 
families there even half as much as they blessed us.
Christmas Eve was spent quickly wrapping and decorating gifts before they
were unwrapped.  I wrapped in white and let the girls decorate however they chose. 
Look at their beautiful artwork!
 The best evening of all this season was having all of my kids at home to worship our Saviour and celebrate His birth at our candle light service on Christmas Eve. 

 And before bedtime watching big brother read to his sister brought a tear to my eye
as I saw the love in both of their eyes.

Last night, we had a small family dinner to celebrate turning FIVE years old.  In order not to have a party two days after Christmas we had already had the Princess party in November. 
When we got home she used her new Princess phone to tell me "I texting my friends."
When I politely told her they could not come visit at 10 pm she used her new favorite word, "Whatevvver!" Oh, this girl has some spunk, and that is our Christmas miracle.
This season has left us with many wonderful memories that will last way
beyond the gifts that were opened. I pray, you also, were able to enjoy special moments
with those you hold dear. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How will I answer this one?

Having a little girl that asks a million in one questions can sometimes get quite interesting!  This morning I was reading her a small pop-up book about the birth of Jesus.  I explained that baby Jesus was in Mary's tummy and He came out.  Quickly, she asked in her sweet little inquisitive voice, "How he come out?"  I had to quickly decide how I was going to answer this question, because after five children, I have discovered that they often don't want as much info as we tend to give.  So, I told her that God puts babies in Mommy's tummy's and then they come out, waiting to see if more questions would follow.  That answer was enough to satisfy her curious little mind and she said, "What about Daddy's?"  I told her Daddy's don't have babies and she said,"Aww, poor Daddy's!" 

Mommy's aren't you glad He chose us to bear His children? I bet the Daddy's are too!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One week from now...

One week from today it will all be over...the shopping will be done...the presents will be opened...and the food will all be gone (or at least added to our hips.) That means  that we have one week left to prepare for the biggest day of the year.  We have one week to decide how we are going to glorify THE ONE who humbled himself and came to earth to be placed in a manger for you and for me. 

Yesterday, as I entered the mall for the first time in a long time I saw so many people in a hurry to pick out just the right gift.  I wondered how many would even be giving a thought to what they will give to the Christ child this Christmas.  I had the opportunity a few days ago to share the story, "What Jesus Wants For Christmas" with our Mission Friends.  As I watched their little faces open the last box with a mirror inside and sweetly proclaim, "ME!" I was reminded that we are all He really wants.

I realize finances are tight for many of us this year, but I hope you will consider how you can give of yourself this Christmas to make it a little more blessed for someone else. The Chip-in on my blog will be available for another week to make a contribution to The Children's Welfare Institute in Zhejiang, China, the orphanage that cared for and loved our baby girl for three years until we could bring her home.  I appreciate the donations that have been given online and personally.  I can't wait to send our donation and know that many children will be blessed because of the generosity of some of you.  We received a sweet letter from the assistant director this last week asking how Lia was doing and thanking us again for giving her a forever family.  We are the ones who are blessed this year as we are able to experience the awe of Christmas through the eyes of a little girl for her first time.

I hope you will take time this week to also experience
the awe of His birth.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paying it Forward

Caring for orphans seems like an impossible task when you think that there are over 
147 million in the world.  
How can you and I make a difference with such an overwhelming number?  
Of course everyone isn't going to go out and adopt, but can't everyone do something? 
As I've been reading through scripture this year, I am more convinced than ever that 
we are ALL called to provide in 
some way, shape or form for the least of these.  As we said prayers tonight,  
I listened to my girls pray for children that have no mommy and daddy and it 
just continues to break my heart.  
So what can I do about it?

I hope you will join us in sending a little something to some of those children without families to love them.  Lia wants to send her friends at the orphanage a present for Christmas and we thought you might like to help.  I LOVE to see who is following my blog and believe me I read every comment.  I see that there are 61 followers and if each of you clicked on the "chip in" button on the right and chip in as little as $2(the price of your Sonic drink) we could make a big difference in a child's life.  It would be REALLY COOL if all of you sweeties that tell me you read my blog would become followers and also add to that number!  I am only leaving this on for two weeks so that I can send our financial gift along with a picture she is drawing to those still waiting for forever families. 

One organization that is making a huge difference in the lives of orphans is Love Without BoundariesIf you look at their home page today you will see our precious girl (on the far right) and the excitement on her face last year when she got some new clothes and shoes.  It wasn't the newest gadget or toys that brought a smile to her face, but simply some shoes and clothes to keep her warm.  You see, it doesn't take much to make a child smile when they know they are loved!

For my friends on facebook, PLEASE take about 30 seconds to click on the video "Focus on Formula" by Suzanne and vote "Love it," to help win $10,000 for LWB to provide formula for orphans.

Whether it is around the world or in our own backyard, I am reminded of Matthew 25:40 when Jesus tells us,
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, 
you did it unto me."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas

Experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a child for the first time takes on a brand new meaning.  I pray that we can each believe in the miracles of the season with the 
faith and love of the children around us.
Celebrating the miracle of healed hearts tonight with the cardiologists, Santa,
and lots of little ones at the children's hospital.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Six many changes!

Six months ago we looked into the eyes of a scared little orphan girl and 
at that moment our lives would forever be changed.

June 1, 2010 
was a day we will forever remember when the Lord 
brought Lia into our family and continued to work in our lives 
in ways we could have never dreamed.  He created a love within our hearts that we
didn't even know existed and brought with it an incredible joy.  
Wondering for 18 long months whether we had 
really heard God speak clearly, it was on this day that we wondered no longer. 
We had without a doubt heard His still small voice and there was no mistaking
the fact that we could have easily missed this moment.  
I praise Him today for not giving up on us 
as we continued to seek and pray for His will while our baby girl waited a little longer
for a family to love her.  Oh how I wish we had been there to love her
when she was younger, but God knew the perfect moment when all of our hearts
would be ready to fall in love. 


Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names.
They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. 
It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms. 
But once you do, everything changes.  
Radical by David Platt