Thursday, July 25, 2013

How it all began

Three years ago God took part of my heart and left it in a country for a reason I did not understand.  As we prepared to return home with our precious daughter in June 2010, I had no intention of returning unless it was just to bring Lia back to see her culture someday.  God had a different plan though, when I said I would follow Him wherever He leads.  So, earlier this year when I learned of a mission trip to Lia's homeland my heart was immediately drawn to this trip.  While at Falls Creek during spring break, with our youth from church,  I mentioned to a friend how I would love to go on this mission trip.  She quickly said she would love to go also.  Thus began the prayer and preparation for the journey that we began yesterday.  I don't know what lies before us, but we have already seen God go before us and work out details that only He could have orchestrated.  My next post will tell a short story about just one of the details of God's provisions in a way far beyond our imagination in the days leading up to today. 

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