Friday, July 26, 2013

Our journey-Day One

Once the rest of our group arrives you will get to see some other faces, but for now Brandon has been very cooperative posing for photos! Today he had his first experiences with some real Chinese food, and in case you didn't know, it doesn't look at all like our Chinese food in the US! We ate a very good breakfast in the hotel and he tried chop sticks and sushi for the first time.

After breakfast we met a precious lady, Lyndsay, and spent the day with her family.  Lyndsay and her husband Bill, do an amazing work being God's hands and feet as they operate the Morning Star Foundation Children's Home.  We had the opportunity to go play with the babies and love on them for a little while.  Then we had a great lunch with Bill, Lyndsay and their two darling daughters.  All ten of the babies in their care have very serious congenital heart defects.  Due to confidentiality reasons I am not posting photos at this time.  However, PLEASE click on the link above and look at their website.  This is a wonderful organization to support monetarily and through your prayers.  They are working hard to save these babies and love on the ones who can not be saved so that they know what it is like to experience the love of a family.  We heard some wonderful stories and thank God for this family and how He is using them to change lives. 
                           After lunch we got a good laugh at the lack of spell check going on here.

Tonight the rest of our group arrived and we had a nice dinner typical Chinese style. Sorry if I cut some of you out...I never claimed to be a photographer.

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