Monday, July 13, 2009

Church Camp

Little sister has officially gone to church camp. For those that know her, we all know this is a big deal. She doesn't spend the night away from home more than one night at a time. It may be a long week. Daddy already asked if I could call and check on her. I reassured him that she would be fine. Please pray that she has a great time and God gives her the peace she needs while away.
So what do you think I was thinking when the phone rang at about 10:30 pm?
Of course that miss Tia was ready to come home.
Well, it was her voice,
and she didn't sound upset, so we talked for a minute.
She just called so we could say prayers over the phone together
and then she was good to go to bed.
Hearing her sweet voice praising God was about the sweetest thing
ever and an amazing way to end my day.

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