Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What does $40 buy?

Not much these days it seems! I certainly can't feed my family out anywhere for $40 nor can I hardly step foot in Walmart for that price. Well, Friday I decided to see if $40 was worth it. I sent my money in to Ladybugs and Love to see if they could get some new information and pictures of our little girl. I was skeptical of this, especially since every penny counts as we try to raise money for our little one waiting in China. I was told I would recieve answers to 10 questions, new measurements and possibly new pictures within about 7-10 days. That was Friday afternoon. Monday morning as I opened my email I was so shocked to find a message with all of the above. Oh, how I wish I could post pictures- she is a doll! I just want to reach out and hug that sweet baby girl. So for me God allowed a $40 purchase to bless me abundantly. I now have three new pictures that I will always treasure, I know what some of our little girls favorites are, and I know what name she goes by as we try to decide upon a name. What a wonderful service these ladies have provided to waiting adoptive parents. Thank you Ladybugs and Love! Now, please pray with me that the paperwork trail goes quickly so we can bring her home!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Suzette, I am so happy for you. I know the update, and especially the pictures, did your waiting heart much good. Thank you Lord for good news from afar!

Love and blessings~


Judy said...

God is so good!! I know you are so excited! I can't wait to meet your baby girl. I bet Big Sister is excited too!!

Kelly Rumbaugh said...

Suzette- it is our pleasure to serve Him in this way. We only hope to make the wait a bit easier for you as you paperchase!
Serving Him with you--
kelly...and Angela
Ladybugs N Love :)

Jill Spicer said...

Suzette, I am so glad you found LadybugsnLove!!! I used Angela to buy Dean a couple of care packages. We also used her as a guide when we toured Beijing at the start of our adoption trip and she is the sweetest young woman you would ever want to meet. She was an amazing guide and so full of fun!!! I don't know if you will be in Beijing for your trip, but if so I would highly recommend her as a guide. She was also wonderful to help us book our in-country flights so that we received the Chinese (lower) price.

I can't wait until you can post those pictures for us!!!! So glad you have them to hold onto!!!! Praise the Lord!!

Sara said...

What a precious blessing! Little updates mean so much in this wait!!! Hope your paperchase passes quickly!
Sara :)

teta said...

Suzette can't wait to hear all about your update...that is sooo wonderful that you got pics. I know that it is becoming more of a reality now.