Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After the major earthquake that hit China today, our family quickly took notice of a map, something we might not have done a couple of years ago. We wanted to know exactly where the area was and how close to our little girl! How can you love a child and be so concerned about their safety before you have ever met them? My only answer is: God! He has softened our hearts and given us a love that is not something we would have ever imagined or planned on our own. This map clearly shows in hot pink the area bordering Tibet where the quake hit. I do not believe it affected the area where we will be heading soon, and from what I read it is almost 1200 miles away. Our tenative plans are to fly into Beijing where we will spend a few days and then fly to Lia's province in Zhejiang, south of Beijing. After that we will head to Guangzhou to do paperwork and finalize her adoption, if I have my information correct. We will then head to Hong Kong and fly from there to Narita, Japan. From Narita we will fly to Chicago and finally back to Dallas where our little girl will be introduced to the rest of her forever family! Today we are praying for those with devastation in an already hurting area and thanking HIM for His hand of protection upon our little one.


connie said...

Suzette, I just found your blog!!! Oh my, is your sweety in Ningbo City? That's where Kinley is from. Will you please email me?!?
Blessings to you~

Suzette said...

Connie, thanks for stopping by. I sent you a message on facebook. For some reason my email wouldn't go through. Is Ningbo City in the Zhejiang province? That isn't the city where our little one is, but she is in the Zhejiang province.

*Overflowing* said...

I am soooo excited that it is finally time for you guys to travel...oh my, so exciting. You will love China!!! I will be praying for your sweet family! Hugs, stacy