Thursday, April 29, 2010



Little sister here we come. Please continue praying that God will work out the details of our timing. Our agency called to announce that they received our TA on Tuesday, April 27. We hoped to join the group leaving today and are packed and ready. However, God has a different idea, for reasons we don't begin to understand. We will be joining the next travel group leaving May 20th. That will have us returning on June 3rd-THE DAY OF GRADUATION! We are requesting to come home a day early and will survive on God's strength if this works out! I have much to do in the next few weeks, but it will not get here soon enough.


coreyleeann said...

YAY!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! We can't wait until she gets here! Ready for our newest niece/cousin!

Jean said...

Congratulations!! So happy it has arrived!! You are very busy but everything will fall into place!