Thursday, April 22, 2010

Desires of our heart

Thank you to each of you that have been praying for our travel. After speaking with Kristen at AWAA today, we found out that we will not be traveling next week. Those words came with such mixed emotions today. Yes, I am sad that it will be longer until we meet our little girl, but I also know that it isn't all about me. God hears the desires of our hearts and in this household, He has many hearts with which to work! Our sweet daughter, Tia, has been looking forward to camp with her daddy going as a sponsor all school year. She was going to have to miss this and now she gets to go. Brandon was planning to go with us, but fly home alone early so that he wouldn't miss his Sr. prom and now he doesn't have to do this. Our only concern now is the fact that our May date has us returning VERY close to graduation! We have no doubt that He will work out the details and continue to hear the desires of our hearts....not to miss the graduation of our baby boy! We know our little Lia is in good hands right now and have been pleased with all we have heard about the orphanage and her nannies. We are looking forward to following along on the blogs of our original travel group and then they can follow us as we travel on His planned travel.

Just as the desires of my heart are to wrap my arms around my little girl,
my heart has broken the past few days for a
few other families as they
watch their babies go through heart surgery.

If you have time PLEASE stop by these blogs and add these
sweet families to your prayer list.

Jiliang and Christi


Jean said...

Oh Suzette- I am so sorry that things did not turn out as hoped. It is so hard to wait so long and then have the wait go even longer.

We had set a time that we thought we could travel and are now reevaluating it- we need to extend ur possible travel dates for our children at home, for our friends and for other reasons. It is what is best...

My heart goes out to you. Once you hold her you will realize that God's timing is perfect timing! Dreams really do come true!!

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I love your perspective that God has many hearts to consider. Tia will enjoy the special time at camp with David. Hang in there!
Kristen Kelton