Thursday, April 8, 2010

A small update

As we have waited and waited it seems like so long for this adoption to go through, now we find out that we should hopefully be getting our TA(travel approval) any day and then will likely be leaving by the end of the month. That is just three weeks from now and as much as we are ready to hurry and go, I have much to do before we go. Having a graduate this year makes things even more crazy. I am so glad my God is a god of order and details, because I am afraid there are some details I just may forget in the busyness. In the past, when families got the TA it was about a month or so until they traveled. Now that it is taking so long between getting our RA and TA the agency is trying to get families to their children as quickly as possible, thus the quick turnaround. Unfortunately, travel arrangements can not be made until the TA comes back from the CCAA(China Center for Adoption Affairs). There will be a group going the end of this month so we are hoping to go then. We don't know who all we will be traveling with, but have met one family, The Seacott's, and will probably travel with them and look forward to all of the other families we will meet as they also bring home their children.

Many months ago, I displayed a picture of the bedding I wanted to purchase for our little Lia. I had a method to my madness and it has come together beautifully I think. Since her room attaches to Tia's room I really wanted the rooms to coordinate, but I wanted to use ladybugs and red and black ladybugs would not work. Consequently, I googled pink ladybugs and found her bedding. My sweet mother made the curtains and the nice blanket at the end of the bed. We may revise the curtains a little, but until then, here it is, just waiting this darling little girl to fill it with love:

Now does this look like a girl with a CHD(congenital heart defect)? I don't think so, and I am praying that God has healed her in His perfect way already! These two precious pictures came straight from a sweet lady that adopted her daughter from the same orphanage as our sweetie. She is also a volunteer for Love Without Boundaries and you can click on the link to take you to the article where these pictures came from. If you don't know about LWB, please take the time to see what an amazing work they do!


Beth said...

That smiling face is going to add some more fun to your fun family. We can't wait!!!! Hurry up, TA!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

Hi, Suzette it is Janet and I just saw the picture of Lia's beautiful room. I just love it. You did a really great job with it and she is so blessed to have a wonderful family and her own gorgous room to come home to! We are praying that we both get our TA very soon. I don't know about you but I am going crazy waiting for that phone to ring. If you need anything or you want to talk about packing please feel free to call or email me. God Bless Janet

Rachel said...

Hi Suzette, my name is Rachel I am also an AWAA momma, adopting a 2 yo with tricuspid atresia. It brings me such joy to see how healthy Lia looks. We are waiting on updates of Lily as all our info is over a year old. We don't think she has had any surguries yet. I am desperate to hear how she is doing.
Congratulations on the good news. We are waiting on RA. I will be following your journey closely and praying for you all. Rachel

Jean said...

Oh Suzette- am so excited for you! It is coming up so quick!! Lia is adorable! What cute little pics of her!! Love her room, too! Great job!!

Blessings on your journey!

Waitingfaithfully said...

I love Lia's beautiful room, and better yet I love that great big beautiful smile on your littlest girl! Sweetness!

It won't be long until you have her wrapped up in your arms!